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Friday, August 25, 2006

Mano a planeta enano

So I wrote yesterday about the Pluto thing, and today I find out that all sorts of supposedly "intelligent" scientists are crying, "Fraud!" and "I think Pluto should be a planet!"

Right. I don't think they know how voting works. You lost. Don't pull a Lieberman on us, Dr. Alan Stern. Anyway, some little Pluto chump had the audacity and gall to create this "pro-Pluto" bumper sticker.

Oh, yeah? Two can play at this game, Plutes. I'm handy with Photoshop myself and CafePress is for the people. So, for everyone out there who's pro-Democracy, I've created this bumper sticker and shirt. We'll show 'em who's boss around here.


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