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Thursday, August 24, 2006

You and me, Plutes. In the Yard. At midnight.

I'm rocking it. You know why? I'm now the same status as Pluto: not a planet. That's right, you can't knock me anymore for not having planetary status, Pluto. My Very Enormous Mother Just Sat Upon Nine...what? I can't hear you.

There was a chance that I was going to be on the Colbert Report last night, but then my meeting with Johnny Depp got rescheduled. Sorry Stephen - I'll be on your show next week.

I played El Grande last night, and although the game was technically unfinished because Beej wimped/adulted out on us, I'll accept my partial game tie with Tasse with no shame. For all of the hype (by hype, I really mean box size and number of expansions included), it was a relatively simple ruleset to learn and play. I approve!

It looks like this perfect Pittsburgh weather is going to continue. Anyone want to get together and parcipate in an outdoor sporting event this weekend? As they say, "The Yard is Open for Business."

Maybe I'll start playing Puzzle Pirates again. I wonder if T-Bag still has a character in the game.


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