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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Once there was a way...

So I used to juggle a lot. I juggle less now, but I'd still call myself a juggler.

This Chris Bliss "juggling" video came to my attention a week ago, and I remember thinking to myself - I don't really see what's all that amazing. He's doing simple three-ball routines and it's really the fact that's he's juggling to music (which is nice, but all jugglers are kind of forced to learn rhythm as part of juggling anyway). But, everyone else thought it was "amazing," so I kept my thoughts to myself.

Well, it looks like there are people out there who agree with me. Enter Jason Garfield, who duplicates the same routine with five balls. Because, you know, he actually wants a challenge. The funniest thing, though, might be Jason's spastic faces that are attempts at duplicating what he calls the best part of Chris's performance: "when he bounces around a lot."

Anyway, take what you will from this. Maybe I should start juggling again. Oh, and if you read through this entire post and plan to watch both videos, watch Chris's first. If you're anything like me, you'll get bored halfway through it, but you'll need it as a comparison to Jason's, which will actually impress.


Dan Tasse said...

Boo-yah! I thought the same thing too. Jason Garfield is such a hero for the juggling world. Hey, there's more to juggling than just juggling 3 apples and eating one.

-Da"blogs still exist? I still read yours?"n

9:32 PM  

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