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Monday, March 06, 2006

Games and God

I pretty much gave up on PC gaming a few years ago, for various reasons - mainly because I enjoyed sitting on my couch playing games on my TV more than sitting in my computer chair, and because with consoles I didn't have to worry about video cards or other technical parts that might not let a game run.

I still play very rarely on my computer, but damn you Will Wright and your creative genius, but it'll take a lot of messing up for me to not go out and buy Spore when it's released. It's The Sims on crack. Here's the Wikipedia article that links to a couple of videos that I found very compelling.

I watched the Oscars last night and went 16/24 on my predictions, which - to me - was slightly disappointing, especially since I missed the Best Picture upset and two tech awards that I should have clearly seen going to King Kong. Still, it was an enjoyable evening, which I capped off by visiting Mike Yin's town in Animal Crossing (and taking some pears home to plant)!

I'm reading Blink. It is somewhat enlightening, although Malcolm Gladwell does come across a little pedantically sometimes.

I took communion for the first time ever yesterday, which was interesting. Going to church, being in church was not that weird after a while - I've been to holiday church services before. It felt kind of nice to have done that on a Sunday morning after we left, and I couldn't help but think about this study that says frequent church-goers are happier people. Still, communion was odd because I have a tough time remembering and honoring Jesus (which, as far as I understand it, is the point of receiving the wafer and wine) when I'm still just not sure about the relationship that I have with Jesus (and religion, in general).

OK, enough lollygagging. Back to work.


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