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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


This weekend was half success/half failure. The success greatly outweighed the failure.

Saturday evening, we had a Chinese New Years Eve celebration that went very well. A bunch (eight?) of people came over and ate Chinese food we prepared (mostly from scratch or close to scratch) while some of us played MahJongg and others of us played Trivial Pursuit.

Earlier that day, Katie and I trekked down to the Strip District, which was Steeler-ca-razy. Several blocks of Penn were shut down and every other person had on official black-and-gold clothing. I would say one out of every fourth person had some crazy Steeler hat on. Street vendors were going crazy with Steelers merchandise. Lotus was busy, too, but mainly with Chinese New Years shoppers I would guess.

Anyway, even though we gave out lots of egg rolls for people to take home, we still have lots of leftover dumplings to eat for the weeks to come.

Sunday was a failure for me, as I did nothing all day until I finally decided to drive out to Bethel Park to visit a Toys'R Us that's shutting down (I was looking for sales!). However, they closed an hour earlier than I thought they did, so I didn't even get to look.

I'll go this upcoming Saturday, in preparation for the Super Bowl. Either that, or drive to Detroit.


beej said...

Let me know when you're going! I need an accessory for my scooter (note: not my Scooter) and Tarnow could use a Nerf gun.

But I probably can't go what with a Board Preview I'm voting on and a potential Jewbrunch.

11:18 PM  

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