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Monday, April 03, 2006

The Madness

Back in high school, my friend (and Groomsman #2) Danny would occasionally run a Battle of the Bands on paper. It would be a simple elimination tournament of different bands and he would have people vote on which band in each matchup that person liked better. Whichever band got the most votes would win. Simple.

The tournament usually consisted for 64 bands, and the choice and original seeding of those bands was always in great dispute.

The point:
Danny, who clearly has better and more marketable ideas than I ever will, decided he wanted to take this to the next level. Along with some friends, he's created a website to have an online Battle of the Bands. The stakes have been raised: anyone can now vote and he's upped the number of starting bands from 64 to 512.

So go there and vote if you care about music or my friend Danny.


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