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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I didn't really sell all his games. Only one.

I found this funny: video games cause violence! Proven!
Also, this. It's a cheaper laugh, so I provide no explanatory text.

Carnival was nice, if somewhat rainy. Mike Yin left his XBox in my house and I sold all his games! We went and saw the booths, ate some funnel cake, saw City of Angels, saw Kevin and Susan and Theresa and Catherine. We went to Steak'n Shake.

It's been busy at work recently because there's a trade show coming up called ASPRS. It's next week.

My mythTV box, out of comission for a half-month or so due to a burned out power supply, is now back and better than ever. We bought two male betta fish, who swim around all day and sometimes blow lots of bubbles on the surface.

Me and Mike Yin tried out the DS download station. It felt like the future and made me want to buy Meteos.

Who else is going to see OK Go on May 12th?


beej said...

I want to go! I should probably buy a ticket.

11:59 AM  

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