Happy new year to all the gents and ladies out there!  Itís time for a very brief year in review.

2010 Resolution Recap

  • In one year, be at or below 180 pounds. Ė Success!
  • Find at least 15 minutes each day to read to my son. Ė Failure!

2011 Resolutions

  • Read at least one book per month.
  • Read to Simon at least 3 times a week.
  • Write something (short fictional prose, a poem, an essay) once a week.
  • Learn to play the guitar.
  • Defeat Hunter in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Game of the Year 2010

I played a bunch of games that I thoroughly enjoyed this year, but none as much as Red Dead Redemption.  Itís the first Rockstar game Iíve ever finished, and despite very shaky story arcs and character development in the Mexico portion of the game, its open world was one of the first I actually enjoyed simply exploring.  In addition, the last 45 minutes or so of the game is sublime.  Whoever wrote everything starting from the farm-upkeep/child-raising missions onward should be given a huge pat on the back and a bonus.

Movie of the Year 2010

After Simon was born, we didnít really get a chance to go to the theater much, so I am quite appreciative of Netflix and the different video on demand services we have on our home computers/consoles.  Which is all to say: we didnít see as many newly released movies this year as we normally would have in past years.  Anyway, itís Toy Story 3.  That movie was amazing.  It exceeded even my high Pixar trilogy expectations going into it.

Things I ďdiscoveredĒ in 2010

  • Taylor Swift (I know, right?)
  • All your clothes get stained with breastmilk when you have a baby
  • I was in the minority for liking the LOST finale
  • Babies drool a lot when theyíre a bit older
  • Iím as good a designer as I am/was a producer
  • Feeding your baby solid food might seem like an encouraging milestone until they poop
  • grubhub.com

Itís hard to write anything other than: 2010 was the year we had a baby.  That single event eclipses everything else that may have happened this year in importance that itís hard to remember what else even happened.  Did anything else happen this year?