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Recommendations (2021)

I’m sitting at the desk of a room at the Holiday Inn in Dublin with Cecily lounging on one of the queen beds, watching reruns of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on MTV2. What better tableau could I ask for?

Let’s get into the media that I encountered last year that made a special impression on me!

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Recommendations (2020)

I was going to start writing up this recommendations post a few days ago, but less than 24 hours after our annual family post went up, the Capital building was occupied by armed insurrectionists incited by our current president and I spent most of the afternoon glued to the news and social media and, well, the short of it is that I didn’t feel up to writing about my favorite media of 2020 for a bit.

So here we are now. It still feels a bit surreal to be writing this fluff at this moment, but I still get enjoyment out of offering these recommendations to you and hope that in reading this, you are offered a short window of connection, joy, or distraction.

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2020: The BEST List

About a year ago, I wrote:

Ugh, what a year. 2019, get thee behind me.
Bring on 2020. Please!

Little did I know what 2020 would have in store for us – for all of us.

My energy for writing an update this year is low. For one, I’m not sure what to say. I feel like there’s been so much already said, already written, already taking up space in our heads about this past year. I feel like anything I could say that attempts to capture what this year felt like would be incomplete.

So let’s not! Let me just give you the personal good news and bad news as it relates to our little family, and then we’ll give out some awards.

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