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Recommendations (2020)

I was going to start writing up this recommendations post a few days ago, but less than 24 hours after our annual family post went up, the Capital building was occupied by armed insurrectionists incited by our current president and I spent most of the afternoon glued to the news and social media and, well, the short of it is that I didn’t feel up to writing about my favorite media of 2020 for a bit.

So here we are now. It still feels a bit surreal to be writing this fluff at this moment, but I still get enjoyment out of offering these recommendations to you and hope that in reading this, you are offered a short window of connection, joy, or distraction.

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Recommendations (2019)

Another year down, another set of media recommendations to parcel out. As usual, though this is my version of a “best of 2019” post, I put as many items in each category as I feel fit and warn that these picks are obviously very subjective and personal.

I’ve even thrown in some of my picks of the decade – media from the past ten years that has stayed with me for one reason or another. All right, friends, let’s dive in.

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2019: a smaller donut with its own hole

Ugh, what a year. 2019, get thee behind me.

I’m usually one to stay optimistic, but 2019 seemed like it had it out for us. From car thefts to falling trees to grandparent farewells to Henoch-Schönlein purpura, it’s been a bit of a year. We endure, of course, because what else are we supposed to do? And we give thanks for the advantages and privileges we do have, for our jobs and our insurance, for all the love we receive and the love we give.

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Recommendations (2018)

There was a lot of exciting media this past year, and before MoviePass went down in flames, we actually managed to see a bunch of it!

So here’s a list of things I enjoyed last year and would recommend to you, in the categories of movies, shows, books, podcasts, and music. Each category has an arbitrary number of things that I enjoyed most in that category. They’re intentionally unranked and I make no guarantees that you’ll actually enjoy them (but I hope you do).

Off we go, adventurers!

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