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Recommendations (2021)

I’m sitting at the desk of a room at the Holiday Inn in Dublin with Cecily lounging on one of the queen beds, watching reruns of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on MTV2. What better tableau could I ask for?

Let’s get into the media that I encountered last year that made a special impression on me!

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Recommendations (2020)

I was going to start writing up this recommendations post a few days ago, but less than 24 hours after our annual family post went up, the Capital building was occupied by armed insurrectionists incited by our current president and I spent most of the afternoon glued to the news and social media and, well, the short of it is that I didn’t feel up to writing about my favorite media of 2020 for a bit.

So here we are now. It still feels a bit surreal to be writing this fluff at this moment, but I still get enjoyment out of offering these recommendations to you and hope that in reading this, you are offered a short window of connection, joy, or distraction.

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Recommendations (2019)

Another year down, another set of media recommendations to parcel out. As usual, though this is my version of a “best of 2019” post, I put as many items in each category as I feel fit and warn that these picks are obviously very subjective and personal.

I’ve even thrown in some of my picks of the decade – media from the past ten years that has stayed with me for one reason or another. All right, friends, let’s dive in.

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