I actually finished this game the same day I finished Puzzle Agent, but didn’t feel like writing two summaries in one day so I put it off for a long time. I’m backdating this entry so it falls on the correct day I beat the game, but having waited a good three months, I’ve forgotten most of my impressions right after finishing the game.

In general, I remember never being disappointed in the game. It was a Ratchet and Clank game that did what I expected: relatively unpunishing but solid shooter mechanics, lots of weapon upgrades for a large arsenal that ranged from practical to silly, and a moderately humorous storyline. Having been a fan of the R&C series for a while, there was nothing in this game that turned me off the series.

The only complaint I might lay against it is that for a game that seems to not subscribe to lengthening the game by making it more difficult, the difficulty of certain portions of the game are uneven. I remember a few boss fights and on-rails jumping puzzles being unusually hard. Even so, it never felt like the game was being mean.

Like other R&C games, I still suffer from falling/drowning deaths every once in a while when the game doesn’t adequately show depth/collision on the edge of a platform, but because death is usually quite innocuous, it was never a huge deal.

So there you have it. It was a fun game and I’m glad I beat it. I almost immediately started Crack in Time, the next R&C game, so it certainly kept my appetite for the series both fed and hungry for more.