SimonI’ve tweeted about it, told people on the phone, and put up pictures on both Picasa and Flickr, but I thought it might be nice to post something here as well.

We had a baby. If you were reading through my year26 posts, you were aware that Katie was pregnant and that our due date was March 5. Little Simon Oliver decided he couldn’t wait quite that long and was born in the early hours of February 26, 2010. He weighed a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces and Katie was able to bring him home a few days later.

Of course, that means Simon just celebrated his third month birthday and he is much bigger than 7 pounds now. Being a father is nothing short of awesome. Our lives have completely changed, of course. Our days now revolve around Simon and we’ve had to change our routines and assumptions about what we can do at any given moment.

Aside from all that, there’s something about having a baby that changes you in a way that is a bit more unanticipated. It makes everything else seem suddenly less important. When I look at Simon, it’s as if he’s the only thing that exists in all the world. I suppose it’s a bit like falling in love, except multiplied by infinity.