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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The reprinted invitations came, sans typo this time. Envelopes are being addressed by the lovely Miss Dahl (hmm...won't be able to refer to her as that in several months) with some calligraphy pens that we bought ourselves.

Two weekends ago, we went out to Bethel Bakery, tasted some cakes, and looked at some designs. They're a nice little bakery that was recently featured on a WQED documentary. We've put down a deposit and will continue to fine-tune our decoration and filling choices over the coming month or so.

This past Saturday, we went with best man Brian to Top Hat Tuxedo, which (I swear!) is better than its web site design lets on. We tried on numerous things, and left with the satisfaction of knowing that our tux shopping was essentially over. I'll have to get measurements for the out-of-town guys, but that's about all. I'm currently still top-hat-less, which may or may not change; I think Brian and I convinced the owner to buy a more traditional top hat for his store that I may try on at a later date.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

One little gold star for "Jen" at invitationsbydawn for polite customer service and humility.

One much larger angry emoticon for the printer for making a TYPO on the invitations. We submitted the order via computer! Shouldn't you just like, hit PRINT?

Anyway, the invitations are being reprinted. Then we can send them to you folks. At least they were quick the first time around.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

After much procrastination, invitations have been ordered.

It'll take a few weeks before we get them, and then a few more to do addressing and all that, so don't hold your breath until the mail comes.