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Monday, August 14, 2006

The End Of The Blog As We Know It

We got Chris' pictures back last week, and just now finally got around to adding them to the online gallery. There was some overlap with the ones we got from Catherine, so we kind of mixed and matched the best of everything. We still have to go through and decide exactly what we want to have printed up, but for now the online album tells a pretty complete story.

If you haven't already bookmarked the site, here it is again :)

This probably marks the end of the wedding blog. After the photos, there isn't much else to post...


Alex said...

That's sad -- I really liked reading it. :) You should start another one that's like Newlyweds or something. *shrug* Or something. Anyway, I might be slightly biased, but all in all, those pictures are pretty fantastic.

12:01 PM  

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