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Friday, July 21, 2006

My parents got in yesterday afternoon, Danny should have gotten in last night, and Hunter should have landed in Pittsburgh about an hour ago. The boys and dads go pick up tuxes today.

The flowers got delivered yesterday, so our entire fridge is now filled with roses. We've even got the fridge in the apartment above us plugged in.

With less than a day and a half to go until the I Do moment, the biggest worry right now is probably the weather. Up until today, it looked like rain was going to wash away the heat and clear out before our ceremony, but it now looks like we might not be so lucky. With current forecasts predicting a downpour essentially right when we wed, I need everyone out there to either pray for good weather or go outside and toward the sky in a generally westerly direction. At the same time. Go to it!


theartistformallyknownas said...

The Wedding Day!

So he finally surfaces!
TaaaDAaaaa! It is I...Uncle Steve :)

What a wonderful thing shall happen today.
You are both deserving and ready for this journey.

Scott, I have come to know you, I am so thrilled that you and Katie have melded together. I suppose one might say; how can you know me without meeting me? For you as a couple ; The selection of each other... Guided through experiences, reflections, sharing, longing, desires, dreams. I have seen Katie grow throughout these years and this is the beginning of a new conscience for her and you. A longing to connect, to find the completeness that fills our soul and sustains us.

What was the inspiration, the risk? The stage is common to the both of you. You have fantastic, mutually shared experiences , how marvelous of a venue could you two have? Your lives were suddenly scripted into a short act...We should all take risks, but the goal of success comes with confidence. That ingredient was in the soup one magical day. The actor that we will call "Scott" performed with confidence and proudly in front of the audience. The young
Ingénue "Katie" (a master at improv!)jumped in with her line, and so it began. Scott-I like your style! Katie- What a Guy! You have merged families forever, past, present and future.

Why this union? Why at this time in your lives?
"Who shall go forth and request the hand of my Niece!" He Bellowed!

So the vision of this continuing saga is laid forth...

2 young lovers living in a place far away called "Pittsburgh."
They will grow, learn, trust, respect, laugh, cry, bond.
They will age-gracefully
They will be courageous
They will be strong
They will be proud
They will reflect from where they came
They will dream and achieve

I love you both. I am with you.
This day will be of this moment. It will never be with us again. It is a beautiful day. Light shines down upon you both. Love is this marriage.

Envelop yourselves in this experience. Take note of the subtle things-the wind in your face, the laughter coming from the distance, each tear of joy as it comes from your soul.

What a wonderful joy! "It is, and so it must be...and all is well"
God is with you.

Love, Steve

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atom said...

Now THAT is a blog comment.

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atom said...


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