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Friday, July 14, 2006

8 days, 4 hours, and some rapidly decreasing number of minutes! Or rather, this long!

My parents and grandparents arrive Wednesday.

Thursday we have to get the dress, the wine, the flowers, and make some unknown number of trips to the airport.

Friday, more airport trips, tux fittings, manicure/pedicure(?) if there's time, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and any final attemps at throwing "bachelor/ette" parties.

Saturday morning tea, hair/makeup, dressing, photo call, setup, wedding, reception, and strike!

It's just like tech week!

If anyone needs a ride from the airport or hotel reservations or anything like that, speak now or forever hold your peace!


zph said...

I'm so excited!

Are we going to be signing Wedding Responsibilities?

2:36 PM  

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