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Tag Archive 'birthday'

Day 365: this is it

The last day.  The final piece of this year-long puzzle.  The coup de grace.  My 26th year of life. In some ways, this was an ordeal.  There were days when I had to actively remember that I had a blog post to write and stumble to my computer, fighting off sleep, only to stare at […]

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Day 364: birthday burger

There’s only one day left until my birthday.  And the week that leads up to my birthday is great. Why?  Because, as an avid joiner of restaurant mailing lists and “e-clubs,” I get inundated with coupons and free meals or portions of meals from many different restaurants the week before the big day arrives. It […]

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Day 4: babies

I had a small post-birthday celebratory day yesterday.  Katie made me a delicious maple cake, and people came over and played Halo and Rock Band (3 and 2, to be precise).  I also bought a beginner’s acoustic guitar, then promptly proceeded to snap the first string by tuning it too tightly.  Sigh.  All in all, […]

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Day 1

I’ve decided, partially inspired by the 25 Things epidemic on Facebook, partially because I miss writing, and partially because I’m a narcissist who loves a challenge, that I will write a short blog entry every day of the 365 days from today (my 26th birthday) until my birthday next year. What will I write about? […]

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