I’ve decided, partially inspired by the 25 Things epidemic on Facebook, partially because I miss writing, and partially because I’m a narcissist who loves a challenge, that I will write a short blog entry every day of the 365 days from today (my 26th birthday) until my birthday next year.

What will I write about? I’m not certain. I can’t guarantee that each day’s entry will be fascinating reading; in fact, I can probably guarantee the opposite. There will be days when what I write about will hold no interest for you whatsoever. There may be days when what I write about spurs you to engage in a discussion with me (or others) about the topic. I’m not really doing it to pound out 365 juicy bits of prose that can later be compounded into a bestselling Web 2.0 self-published book – although if I actually complete this, I may do that anyway. Minus the bestselling part.

Also, this is the only post that will show up on the front page of this blog. For all future posts, click that year26 link that’s on the right side of this page.

A few guidelines for myself: it’s not the length of the entry, but the content. I’ll try to keep things under 500 words a day so I don’t burn myself out or overwhelm anyone reading this. I’ll attempt to also keep up with everything else I’m doing in life – this daily post should not take away too much time from my busy life.

And…I’m 26 years old. Two baker’s dozens. And while I’m no Dakota Fanning or Michael Phelps, I feel like I’ve done OK with my 26 years so far. I’m very happily married, own a house and two cats, work in a job that I adore, and have enough extra income and savings to be able to not worry about dining out or splurging on entertainment from time to time.

If there’s anything I miss, it’s theatre and improv and, in general, storytelling on stage. I feel like I’m often too busy for such things now, although that’s really an excuse, just like I’m “too busy” to exercise. Perhaps this year I’ll persuade myself to audition for a community play or local troupe. Or, like I always threaten, maybe I’ll finally direct a hit Youtube series on inner city life.

Lastly, this Onion article about being 26 is only partially correct.