It’s almost 2016. Cecily celebrated with a Netflix Care Bears countdown, Simon with a 30 second Force Awakens TV spot, and I with a 9 PM livestream from New York City. Now it’s time to sit in bed, watch Insurgent on HBO GO, and reflect on my triumphs and failures from the past year.

This was the year that Cecily started preschool, meaning there is a time when both of my kids are in the care of adults other than my wife, which is both fantastic and terrifying. This was the year that I listened to Hamilton and my world turned upside down. This was the year that Star Wars won the marketing and hype battle for everything. This was the year that was.

  • Make 2 Twine Projects/Games
    I’m working on one right now, so let’s not call this a total failure.
  • Read 10 Books
    I started a bunch of books, but I can actually only remember finishing The Martian. Either way, I’m fairly certain I fell short here.
  • Get Abs
    My abs still exist. I wouldn’t say I got any more of them. Eh.
  • Continue Roll the Dai
    I fell off the wagon here. Oof. I still intend to start it up again.
  • Count to 10
    Sometimes I get overexcited, shoot off at the mouth.

Well, let’s not dwell on that too much, eh? You win some, you lose some. Man, I clearly don’t remember any of the important plot points from Divergent.

New resolutions! Let’s pick some easy ones this time.

  • “Release” a personal creative project – just one, be it some writing, a game, or something else
  • Read some fiction, some non-fiction, some poetry, and a play – less total, more genres, easier task?
  • Go to the gym 3 times – 3 times! All year! Totally doable.
  • Brush more – my teeth deserve it.


Best Movie I Saw in Theaters: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Best Movie I Saw in Theaters with Chris Pratt: Jurassic World
Best Recent Movie I Saw on Netflix: Moonrise Kingdom
Best 80s Movie I Saw on Netflix: The Fifth Element
Best Movie I Regretfully Chose to Watch While Writing This:Insurgent
Best TV Show (new): Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Best TV Show (old): Phineas and Ferb
Best TV Show (superhero): Arrow
Best TV Show I Keep Meaning to Watch: that Aziz Ansari show
Best TV Show with Chris Pratt: Parks and Recreation
Best Album Because Katie Bought It For Christmas and I Never Buy Music: Carly Rae Jepsen, E MO TION
Best AAA Game: Batman: Arkham Knight
Best Indie Game: Rocket League
Best Game Co-Workers Convinced Me to Buy: Vermintide
Best Clicker Game: Crusaders of the Lost Idols
Best Game I Got Katie to Play with Me: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Best Game I Started But Didn’t Play Enough Of To Truly Judge: Life is Strange
Best Musical: Hamilton
I Mean It’s Really, Really Good: Alexander Hamilton
What I’m Not Throwing Away: My Shot
Best Phasma/Vader/Davy Jones: Simon
Best Night Dancer: Cecily

No, seriously, though, Hamilton. Go listen to Hamilton.

OK, it’s only 20 minutes ’til real midnight so I guess we’ll listen to Carrie Underwood for a bit.

Happy 2016!