Maybe this year, you’ll get more than one post? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Let’s review last year’s resolutions:

  • Read a dozen books (again!).
    Failure! I did much worse this year. I read Bossypants, and that may have been it.
  • Cook a meal once a week.
    Failure! I feel like we actually ate out/got take out a lot more this past year.
  • Go to the gym (”regularly”)
    Failure! This never even started. I did start trying to play Dance Central regularly late in the year.

Wow. I did well, eh? Let’s go ahead and call it a rebuilding year. You want to know who I blame for this complete resolution breakdown? The newest and cutest member of our family: Cecily Louise! She’s adorable, but makes it harder than ever to keep the house clean, make time for reading and cooking and working out. (That’s mainly an excuse, but because I think it only applies for this one year, I’m using it!)

For 2012, here’s what I propose to myself:

  • Write and “publish” a piece of interactive fiction each month.
  • Read a dozen books. Seriously. That’s not that many.
  • Come home in time for family dinner as often as possible.

I’ve used different formats in the past, but I feel like just making a list this time. People love lists, right? If you want me to explain something on this list, feel free to comment or email or tweet or Facebook or Instagram me or something – and by Instragram, I do indeed mean writing your question down and taking a picture of yourself holding that question.

Best Movie I Saw in the Theaters: The Avengers DBOX
Best Movie I Saw on DVD Rented from Work: What to Expect When You’re Expecting
Best Movie I Saw via Streaming Rental: The Hunger Games
Best Movie I Saw Multiple Times Because Simon Wanted To: Up
Best New TV Show I Started Watching: The New Normal
Second Best New TV Show: Elementary
Best TV Show I Still Watch: Downton Abbey
Best TV Show I Watched an Entire Season of in One Week: How I Met Your Mother
Best TV Show for Seeing Matthew Perry: Go On
Best TV Show for Kids and Me: Phineas and Ferb
Best Book I Read: Bossypants
Best Book I Thought About Reading: The Big Short
Best Baby: Cecily
Best Song I Heard Because of Glee: Let’s Have a Kiki
Best Song I Heard Because of Everywhere: Somebody That I Used to Know
Best Song I Heard Because of People at Work Dancing Like Pony Riders: Gangnam Style
Best AAA Game I Was Excited For: Mass Effect 3
Best AAA Game That Was More Fun Than I Anticipated: Forza Horizon
Best AAA Game That Let’s You Name All Your Characters: XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Best Indie Game I Bought On Steam on a Whim: Don’t Starve
Best Indie Game I Got as Part of a Bundle: Somewhere Out There
Best Game That Breaks My Heart: The Walking Dead
Best iPhone Game: Where’s My Perry?
Best Game I Played with Other People: Trackmania United/Nations
Best Free Game Where I Can Be a Sad Mummy: League of Legends
Best Drool: Cecily
Best Hugs: Simon