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Bear Bait

Katie and I will head out tomorrow to Castle Crags, a state park in Northern California in order to go camping. This will give us an opportunity for us to use our awesome tent away from a cow pasture. We also got a new nifty camping stove that we’ll be trying out for the first time.

Castle Crags SP

We’ll be there for three nights and probably be nigh unreachable with modern technology such as cell phones, email, or Twitter.
We’ll respond to any carrier pigeons that you send, assuming we don’t get consumed by bears.

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  1. Dan Tasse

    Waaah! I sent you a carrier pigeon but the bears must have gotten to it first! While it seems like you’re back safe and sound now, you must have gotten out just in time.
    -Da”always on the lookout for bears”n

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