This weekend, Katie and I watched 7 episodes of Veronica Mars. It was pretty awesome.

We also went a Giants/Phillies game at AT&T park, which was also pretty awesome but very hot (as the seats were directly in the sun the whole game). Noah Lowry pitched a very good game and sealed my fantasy baseball team’s fate to being the only 0-5 team in the entire league right now.

Then we played Hoggy.

Hoggy is played on a baseball diamond with a backstop, although other similar areas could potentially be used. We played with 3 people, although the game could be tuned for more (or could be played with 2). One playground ball is used. A bottle, or something that can stand upright but be knocked over, is placed on the ground between the two defenders. This is called “the dazzle.”

There is one kicker and two defenders. The defenders position themselves near the backstop, while the kicker stands a little behind the pitchers mound with the ball. Certain areas of the backstop are designated as “goal” areas, while others are “out” areas. Certain areas may also be designated to have no effect. The kicker then moves towards the defenders, either holding the ball or rolling it on the ground. Before reaching a predetermined point somewhere between the mound and home plate, the kicker must kick the ball in an attempt to hit the backstop “goal” areas before the defenders can stop it. The defenders must stay within a certain range of the backstop (unless Boot Rush is called – see below).

A hit on a goal area counts as a point for the kicker. Knocking the dazzle over counts at 10 points. A hit on the out areas counts as an out for the kicker. Should the defenders deflect the ball (either back toward the kicker or into an out area), it is an out. Should a defender catch the ball, it is two outs. Should the ball fly over the backstop, the kicker must retrieve it and it counts as 4 outs. The defenders may alternately kick the incoming ball, if they can. Should the kick leave the infield before the kicker and retrieve the ball, it counts as 3 outs. However, should the kicker catch the kicked ball before it bounces, it counts as 1 out and 1 point. When the kicker has 6 outs, he moves to a defender spot, the defenders rotate, and one of them becomes the kicker.

When the kicker is ready to proceed before a kick, he must say aloud “volley,” to which the defenders each respond “trapper” or “keeper.” If and only if both defenders say “keeper,” out areas on the backstop have no effect and catching the ball will result in 3 outs instead of 2.

There are several additional things which may be yelled once the ball is in motion:

  • Boot Rush – yelled by the defenders once the kicker crosses the pitcher’s rubber. If both defenders manage to reach home plate before the kicker kicks the ball, it is an automatic out. Backstop out areas have no effect.
  • Cyclone – yelled by kicker before kicking the ball. If the ball hits a defender, it is a run. Otherwise, it is an out.
  • Hoggy – yelled by defender at any point before catching a ball. If the ball is caught off a deflection against the backstop, the Hoggy yeller gets a free kick (i.e. one kick against no defenders). If the Hoggy yeller does not catch the ball off a deflection after yelling, he now has a Hoggy Point. Each HP adds an automatic out for any time following where that player is the kicker. If someone manages to accrue 5 HPs, he loses the game and everyone else wins.

Additional kicker calls may be added later, as well as the ability to hold on to the ball and throw it if such a call is made (such as Cyclone).