Katie & Scott & Simon & Cecily.

Scott’s First Day at EA!


He left for work with a folder full of paperwork, and came home with an armload of Sims 2 Expansions!

Also in this photo: the view from our second-floor apartment, and an angry looking Princess.


  1. Dan Tasse

    Whoa, you moved to California? And you’re working for EA, on the Sims?! Well, sad as I am that I’ll probably never see either of you ever again, unless you happen to visit Pittsburgh next year (which would be nice) or I get a job at Google (which would also be nice but probably isn’t going to happen), congratulations! Talk to you later!
    who will post emails on actual important things in blog comments all day

  2. alex

    wow. I can’t believe you guys don’t live in pittsburgh anymore. I feel like it’s going to spontaneously implode or something without the presence of you two to keep everything stable and balanced! 🙁 but congrats on your new job, scoot, and I look forward to seeing you guys again someday! ~ao

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