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Alive and Well and Living in Belmont!

We arrived safely in (sort of) sunny California on Wednesday evening, after four days of travel on I-80. Not much to see, not much to report. There were a few patches of bad weather in Ohio and Wyoming, but luckily we came out unscathed.

Thursday we visited a number of apartments in the Belmont/San Carlos area, and settled on the first one we visited. We turned in the application and paperwork; now we’re just waiting for approval to take possession this weekend. We’ll send pictures when we actually get into the place.

Thanks to everyone who helped us pack, took our unwanted junk, and kept us in their thoughts as we drove cross-country. Especially you, Corn Dog.


  1. Corn Dog

    I wouldn’t mind eating a corn dog with some spicy ketchup.

  2. J.T.

    Welcome to the Bay Area, guys! I live in Cupertino and commute up to South San Francisco every day. If you’re free for dinner some time, let me know, it’d be good to see you both again. Cheers and congrats on your house and your move!


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