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2019: a smaller donut with its own hole

Ugh, what a year. 2019, get thee behind me.

I’m usually one to stay optimistic, but 2019 seemed like it had it out for us. From car thefts to falling trees to grandparent farewells to Henoch-Schönlein purpura, it’s been a bit of a year. We endure, of course, because what else are we supposed to do? And we give thanks for the advantages and privileges we do have, for our jobs and our insurance, for all the love we receive and the love we give.

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Recommendations (2018)

There was a lot of exciting media this past year, and before MoviePass went down in flames, we actually managed to see a bunch of it!

So here’s a list of things I enjoyed last year and would recommend to you, in the categories of movies, shows, books, podcasts, and music. Each category has an arbitrary number of things that I enjoyed most in that category. They’re intentionally unranked and I make no guarantees that you’ll actually enjoy them (but I hope you do).

Off we go, adventurers!

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2018: can you imagine that

It’s 2019! We made it another year.

This year felt like progress and also felt like standing still and also like it lasted a decade. As a family, as a country, as a being in this moment in time. The last day before the holiday break, I went out to lunch with some childless co-workers, one of whom sincerely asked me: why have kids?

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Recommendations (2017)

In a small attempt to atone for the complete dearth of judgmental media snark in our annual family missive, I will now lay out for you a recommendation (or two) in several categories of media. If we’re on speaking terms, please feel free to engage with me in a dialogue over any of these – I understand that blanket recommendations cannot cover the nuance of individual opinion.

If we’re not on speaking terms, please send a strongly worded letter to my people, and we’ll see if we can’t iron out our differences somehow. With that, here are my movie, show, podcast, and book recommendations for 2017.

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