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Monday, September 25, 2006

Anyone want to buy a toaster?

We helped Brian move on Saturday into his new house. It's a rambling little bungalow in the Jewish part of town, but the best part of his house (the best part of any house, really) is his two little Asian neighbors, who would scream with delight at the slightest thing.

I also bought a board/card game called Collosal Arena and we played it. I went into Games Unlimited actually looking for a game called Intrige, but - alas! - they did not seem to have it in stock. Collosal Arena isn't a huge-boxed game, and it plays fairly quickly with 5 people, which makes me think that with less players, it would really shine. I approve.

Katie and I tried to clean up/organize our junk that's spread all around the apartment yesterday with little to moderate success. We're also trying to eat healthier and shed some pounds with little to moderate success.

We leave for China in a little under two weeks. Quack quack!


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