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Day 365: this is it

The last day.  The final piece of this year-long puzzle.  The coup de grace.  My 26th year of life.

In some ways, this was an ordeal.  There were days when I had to actively remember that I had a blog post to write and stumble to my computer, fighting off sleep, only to stare at an empty text field for fifteen minutes before going to look at random stuff on Facebook.

But in many ways, this wasnít that hard.  Once I got the ball rolling by not failing to write a post for the first month or two, it was pretty hard to miss a day.  It became part of my daily routine.  Much like Katie always takes her prenatal vitamins before bed, I always write my post before I go to sleep.  Iím sure having a small (but devoted?) readership that would judge me harshly if I slipped was also a good incentive.

Really, it became just another thing I did each day.

And I liked it.  I think Iíll be done now, for a while.  I think 365 daily posts in a row is enough.  While I enjoyed the routine of forcing myself to write each day (maybe something I can use in next yearís NanoWrimo?) and I loved the conversations it would occasionally bring up with the friends who read these posts, I think Iíd enjoy a nice break.  After all, any day now, the amount of free time I have is going to change forever.

I appreciate any of you who stuck with me for a whole year, anybody who joined midway through, or even if this is the first blog entry of mine youíve ever read.  Knowing that there were people who were interested in my rants and thoughts and ideas was great.

Thanks especially to my wife, Katie, for putting up with me coming to bed half an hour later than I would have otherwise for an entire year.

Thatís it.  We did it.

Day 355: countdown

With only ten days to go before my year26 blogging challenge is complete, I thought itíd be a good time to take a quick look back on some highlights of the past year.

February 27:

Why did you shoot me?
Weíre on the same team!  Oh, I
see.  Youíre just a jerk.

April 16:

The purpose of the pasta express is to make cooking pasta easier and faster.  Unfortunately, it does neither.

July 22:

Today, Iíve been married to Katie for three years.

Itís been a great three years. We celebrated by going to the Melting Pot, where I ate too much food and drank two glasses of wine. [note: we already knew about the pregnancy at this point, but had a coupon that gave us two glasses of wine, which is why I drank both]

I love my wife! Itís true.

August 30:

Katie and I are taking a nine month trip to Babytown.

Weíre going to catch the bus at the impregnation station.

Katie can now drive in the carpool lane by herself and (maybe) get away with it.

Something something something BABY!

October 24:

Would I survive a zombie uprising? I doubt it.

Watching all these zombie movies is sure to either really help or be completely misleading.

December 18:

You know what I like about Christmas movies?  No matter what happens, everyone ends up happy.  Even the villains in Christmas movies have a good Christmas.  Everyone comes together at the end and thatís something that you know from the very beginning of the film.

Itís as if we went through life knowing that at the very end, no matter what horrible scraps we got into or who we had made enemies, all of the people who had known us would gather around our deathbed and sing our favorite song together with us while it snowed.

I canít believe itís almost over.  Iím getting a bit weepy, even thinking about it.

It is kind of funny, though, that Iíll be finishing up right before an actual life-changing experience happens to us.

Day 347: burden blogging

As we near the end of my year of blogging, I will admit that there have been times when Iíve sat in front of my keyboard, looking at an empty text box, wondering what coherent and interesting thoughts I could type out that day.

While I wouldnít go so far as to consider an entry a day a burden (or at least, a burden of any meaningful size), there have been days were I have gotten by with simply a single paragraph of text or a picture or video, instead of something longer.

And the times at which Iíve made my entry have also fluctuated.  If you go back to the days and weeks following my birthday, I would often write in the mornings, right after waking up, or in the early afternoon.  Nowadays, I almost always write my entry right before bed and Ė recently Ė often past midnight.

The fact that I consider it a part of my day is interesting; no matter how tired I may be, I know that Iím obligated to write an entry before Iím allowed to sleep.  But itís not so much an obligation that feels like a chore.  Instead, itís a bit like the obligation of making soup for your sick spouse; you know you have to do it, but you donít mind it one bit.

How time flies, though.  I canít believe that itís almost February, almost my birthday, almost my babyís birthday.  Iím excited for all these things, as well as the upcoming release of Mass Effect 2, season premiere of Lost, and the Colts-Saints Super Bowl.

Day 333: not saving the world

Itís late and Iím pretty tired.

We tried to save the world tonight, from a global pandemic, but failed.  Twice.  Itís sad when you play a purely cooperative game and you lose, because then everyone loses.  No one wins!

I was actually going to go to sleep close to an hour ago, but I instead read some forum posts about the board game we played tonight.  What did people do before the Internet existed?  I guess they didnít get distracted and went to bed when they planned to go to bed.

It was a good weekend.

Itís hard to believe that thereís only a month of year 26 blogging left for me and two months of a baby-less existence left for us.

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