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Recommendations (2017)

In a small attempt to atone for the complete dearth of judgmental media snark in our annual family missive, I will now lay out for you a recommendation (or two) in several categories of media. If we’re on speaking terms, please feel free to engage with me in a dialogue over any of these – I understand that blanket recommendations cannot cover the nuance of individual opinion.

If we’re not on speaking terms, please send a strongly worded letter to my people, and we’ll see if we can’t iron out our differences somehow. With that, here are my movie, show, podcast, and book recommendations for 2017.

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2017: it’s a hard knock life

What a forking year that was. I’m usually pretty upbeat when the new year comes around, but I’ll be honest – 2017 really did knock the wind of us.

One of the first things we did this year was go to the Oakland Women’s March as a family, because this country felt broken. The truth, of course, if you listen, is that this country has always been broken – that it, in many ways, was built on a rotten foundation. But for us, amidst this swirl of resistance, the story of surviving this year to forge a better future was shattered when Katie’s dad passed away in March.

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2016: the world turned upside down

Welcome to 2017! It’s time to take stock. Look at all this stock. Let’s take it.

In 2016, aside from the celebrity deaths and political quagmire, what happened personally? (We’ll set aside for now how politics felt more personal this past year than they have in a long time.) Well, Cecily emerged from her super-shy stage and now will start talking your ear off if you come visit. Simon has taken to fancy clothing – we got him a button-up white shirt and suit jacket that he wears more often than not – and has started to have to deal with some real schoolin’ in first grade. Katie and I visited Chicago and Hawaii this year, along with driving up to Portland overnight one weekend. We celebrated 10 years of marriage. Katie jumped out a window. What a year.

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