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The Best of 2016 (ISHO Edition)

Here are some top-5 lists from the year, based entirely on Scott’s humble and entirely malleable opinion. May this either reinforce the things you already thought were great, introduce you to something you hadn’t consumed, or start a fierce but fun argument.

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2016: the world turned upside down

Welcome to 2017! It’s time to take stock. Look at all this stock. Let’s take it.

In 2016, aside from the celebrity deaths and political quagmire, what happened personally? (We’ll set aside for now how politics felt more personal this past year than they have in a long time.) Well, Cecily emerged from her super-shy stage and now will start talking your ear off if you come visit. Simon has taken to fancy clothing – we got him a button-up white shirt and suit jacket that he wears more often than not – and has started to have to deal with some real schoolin’ in first grade. Katie and I visited Chicago and Hawaii this year, along with driving up to Portland overnight one weekend. We celebrated 10 years of marriage. Katie jumped out a window. What a year.

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2015: young scrappy and hungry

It’s almost 2016. Cecily celebrated with a Netflix Care Bears countdown, Simon with a 30 second Force Awakens TV spot, and I with a 9 PM livestream from New York City. Now it’s time to sit in bed, watch Insurgent on HBO GO, and reflect on my triumphs and failures from the past year.

This was the year that Cecily started preschool, meaning there is a time when both of my kids are in the care of adults other than my wife, which is both fantastic and terrifying. This was the year that I listened to Hamilton and my world turned upside down. This was the year that Star Wars won the marketing and hype battle for everything. This was the year that was.

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Scott Dai’s Podcast Roundup 2014

As promised, here it is!
Scott Dai’s Podcast Roundup 2014

I mention the following podcasts on the roundup – first link is to the podcast’s main site, second is a direct subscription link that should add it to your podcasting app/software.

This American Life (Subscribe)
Planet Money (Subscribe)
Radiolab (Subscribe)
Serial (Subscribe)
Slate Political Gabfest (Subscribe)
99% Invisible (Subscribe)
Answer Me This (Subscribe)

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