As we approach the end of this year-long experiment, I feel like these entries should be important and well-written. But we all know that’s not really going to happen.

Our cats are saucy little minxes. One will occasionally just barf around the house. Why does she do this? We’re not sure. It’s not an everyday occurrence, but it happens often enough to be disconcerting. Sometimes there’s a bit of food in there (is she eating too fast or swallowing hair with her food?), while sometimes it just seems to be stomach acid (is her throat just scratchy?).

Meanwhile, our other cat sometimes likes to take a dump somewhere unexpected. I think that has a valid explanation, though. I think that’s because I don’t scoop the litter enough and she gets a little angry that her litterbox is so full of poop.

I mainly bring this up today because I went to clean out the litterbox tonight (a task quite overdue) only to discover that Daisy had decided to relieve herself on our bathmat. As I tried to consider my options for taking care of this, Princess vomited three times in quick succession, quickly jumping away from the puddles she left behind out of either shame or surprise.

And I can’t blame our cats for doing these things. It’s not like they’re spiteful or trying to anger us deliberately. Princess probably enjoys ralphing as much as we enjoy cleaning it up. And Daisy only poops when the litterbox has gone uncleaned too long.

But it can be a bit much at the end of a tiring day.