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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I think Katie will be posting a big news update concerning girly things later today, but here's what I have to offer in terms of developments on the manly end of things:

In a surprising twist, Katie's family somehow convinced her to allow me to wear a top hat and tails for the ceremony. The question now stands: should I purchase a collapsible top hat or a non-collapsible one?

I went and looked at some tuxes with best man Brian before the holidays, although I'll clearly have to get the garb from some other store as Afterhours Formalwear - the David's Bridal brother store where we looked - doesn't have any suits or tuxes with tails.

We got a copy of the permit request form from the Pittsburgh Parks people. Hopefully, we're only a hop and step away from securing our ceremony site. The reception reservation contract is still sitting on our table at home. We should really send that in, too.


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