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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

If we have kids, we're naming them Jed and Princess

Get it?


yincrash said...


2:02 PM  
jp said...

that is incredible.

11:50 AM  
tyson said...

I don't get it, but here is what I DO get: thanks for driving me out to get my car towed last night!

I don't know if either of your andrew IDs still work, so I am putting in another driving request via blogger: Are you guys and your car free tonight between 6pm and 9pm? To drive to a tire place on the South Side, perhaps? With me and a blown out tire in the back? (Well maybe I can go in the trunk, and the tire can ride in the back). Let me know! And let me know what your email addresses are!


4:42 AM  
Katie said...

Jed Dai? Princess Dai? Say it out loud--it's funny, I promise.

7:36 PM  

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