Yes, the “Kampground” was more resort-like than anticipated, but it was also more like a cow pasture than anticipated! A herd of cows and two donkeys, which are actually owned by the KOA, reside just on the other side of a barbed wire fence, about four feet from out tent.

Camping with livestock!

Really, the whole complex appears to have been planted down in the middle of a grazing field, with a random smattering of trees seeming terribly out of place. My guess is that it used to be someone’s farmland, and they decided to make money off of it by allowing people to pitch tents and start fires in the great outdoors. They put in a pool and a “kamper’s kitchen,” fenced in the cows, and began collecting money from families who don’t know that real camp sites generally boast more vegetation than livestock. I bet they get a tax break or something for having the animals…I had a drama teacher in high school whose parents kept emus because it meant their land was a “farm.”

I sound too bitter, though. We really did have fun, despite the irritating family the next site over (read: about 20 feet) with the son who sang loud songs about farting. But next time we’ll opt for a campground that doesn’t have karaoke.