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Day 340: the naming

The most frequent question we get as imminent parents, behind ďWhenís the baby due?Ē and ďDo you know if itíll be a boy or a girl?Ē is: ďHave you picked a name yet?Ē

Naming is serious business.  Itís a brand that our little human is going to wear for the rest of his life.  Itís a word that heíll hear probably at least once a day.  And it also is a social message about who he is.

So, have we picked a name yet?  No, we havenít.  We have a few front-runners right now (Simon, Oliver, Isaac), but we havenít quite settled on any of them yet for certain.  And while I wouldnít say that weíre agonizing over the decision, it is something that intrigues me because there are so many factors to take into account.

The name should be common enough that he doesnít feel like an outsider for having a weird name, but unique enough that he doesnít feel like heís getting confused in a classroom with four other students.  The name has to sound good with Dai, and the initials canít be something demeaning, like STD or LSD.

For our personal sakes, the name canít be ďtaintedĒ Ė that is, we canít have known someone with that name that we disliked or had a bad experience with.  It canít be a unique name of one of our friends or our friendís babies or other family members (unless we intentionally decide to name it after a family member).

And it canít remind us too distinctly of one particular celebrity with that name, even if that celebrity is likeable.

There are a lot of guidelines, but in the end, the babyís name will kind of be like our wedding.  No matter how much planning we do, we wonít account for something Ė maybe even a future connotation with the name that we could have never anticipated Ė but the name will turn out to be just fine regardless.

Still, Iím curious: if you had a child recently, how did you go about coming up with a name?  If you know, how was your particular name picked?  Do you anticipate giving your future child a particular name that youíve always loved?  Iím curious as to how much thought other people give (or have given) to the naming of children.

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  1. I had always assumed you’re first child would be named Scotch, and the second would be named Soda. Then when they were in high school they would share a car with a personalized license plate cover!

    I mean, good luck!

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