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Day 333: not saving the world

Itís late and Iím pretty tired.

We tried to save the world tonight, from a global pandemic, but failed.  Twice.  Itís sad when you play a purely cooperative game and you lose, because then everyone loses.  No one wins!

I was actually going to go to sleep close to an hour ago, but I instead read some forum posts about the board game we played tonight.  What did people do before the Internet existed?  I guess they didnít get distracted and went to bed when they planned to go to bed.

It was a good weekend.

Itís hard to believe that thereís only a month of year 26 blogging left for me and two months of a baby-less existence left for us.

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  1. How coincidental! Greg, Daniel, and I just failed to save the world once and then actually did save the world once last night also.

    I think that game gets easier with more players maybe. We were playing “normal” mode, and it seemed about as hard as “heroic” mode with 4 players.

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