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Day 305: painting

We started painting the nursery today.  We decided to paint three walls a pale-ish yellow sunshine-y color and one accent wall a bright blue color.

We chose those colors mainly because they matched colors in the baby bedding that wed purchased.

But then, the blue wall brought up a bit of a psychological dilemma.  Would painting a blue wall prejudice our son into thinking that blue was a male color?  Would our newborn, staring at the blue wall all day, begin down the slippery slope of gender stereotypes, eventually hiding his true emotions from us because he feared it would make him less masculine?

Would it lead him into a life of misogyny, treating women differently because of his childhood wall color?  Would we have picked the color blue if it had been a girl?

Maybe we should have painted the wall pink!  Or maybe, were just overthinking it.  Just to be safe, well make sure to let our son play with dolls if he wants to.

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  1. He’s a boy? Paint it pink! That’s the traditional color for boys, after all. A paler form of the ferocious manly red.

    Or wait, therefore make it blue. Or, uh…

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