It's like the random Jeopardy category! Get it?

Anyway, this is where we'll post additional odds'n'ends.
Some of it may be useful, some of it just for fun.

Since we've been bad at taking and sending pictures to friends and family...

Scott and Katie at the beach in Oregon Scott and Katie at Kennywood
Taken in December 2005, in Oregon. Taken in May 2003, at Kennywood.

See more photos on Scott's flickr page.

In all likelihood, if you're looking at this website, you already recieved an invitation.
But here's a picture of it anyway, for your viewing pleasure:


If you've misplaced your response card,
send us an email to let us know if you'll be there.

Also, Katie is obsessed with this game.

Buddy Icons
Simply click on the icon you like and it should automatically
become your AOL Instant Messenger buddy icon!
(Scott clearly has too much time on his hands.)

Buddy Icon for Scott Buddy Icon for both Buddy Icon for Katie
I'm a Scott! I can't decide! I'm a Katie!



Jim Hjelm

MB Bride and Special Occasion

David's Bridal

Top Hat Tuxedo

Schenley Park Visitor's Center

Bethel Bakery

Hope Lutheran